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There an interesting story that I can from a mailing list. At the time NASA began sending astronauts to space, they find a pen that they can not work in zero gravity, because the pen ink can not flow to the pen. To solve this problem, they spent a decade and 12 million dollars. They menggembangkan a pen that can work in conditions such as zero gravity, upside down, in water, in a variety of surfaces including crystal and in the degree temperatures ranging from below freezing point to more than 300 degrees Celsius. On the Russian people do not bother removing the millions of dollars to fund research on pen used in space, such as the United States. They only use pencil. :O : O

Often when we terkecoh face a problem, and although solve problem, but solutions are not a solution that is efficient and even complex. Therefore, we need to find a simple solution to the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Similarly we find a solution to solve the issue with how the energy crisis and get renewable energy. There solutions that are far more simple to overcome the pollution caused by fossil fuels, namely change fashion life that we always use a motor vehicle or a car each we leave work or to school with cycling. In addition to exercise and make healthy body, a cycling event is carbon neutral, or remove the carbon with the zero point. :d We do not need to hard-difficult search for renewable energy that may be very difficult to obtain and requires research that takes a very large cost. To manage this renewable energy such as corn, sugar cane, alga, atu distance also requires long process and takes a long time to become ethanol. Not to mention the car companies must also produce cars that use biofuel or bio-diesel, so vehicles that are still using fossil fuels will not be useful anymore.

Movement at this time Bike to Work is to be fashion new life for executives in the Jakarta. Bike to Work Movement is a group of fans began bicycle MTB (mountain bike) in Jakarta who have the spirit, ideas and expectations realize clean air, especially in urban areas Jakarta, Was born the Community Cycling Union (Community bike to work). This community wishes to promote use of bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation, especially to the work (bike-to-work). Since 6 August 2004, they have a routine every week campaign to date with the distribution of a pamphlet of information (news Flyer), There is now some branch Bike to Work in several city large in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi .

They establish the purpose of this community is they want to ride a bicycle safely and comfortably no longer a mere dream, so many people who want to use as a means of bicycle transportation and prevent pollution, save fuel, reduce the number of traffic congestion, and make healthy body and a shape in beraktifitas. Traffic jam so the panang in big cities are really not economical and is a waste of energy, a waste gas ruah glass is useless, and often lead to prolonged stress to everyone that stuck in it. Usually they will ride a bicycle to the train station or the nearest bus stop. After that they park our cycle in the bus stop and ride to the office. Or if the distance from home to office is relatively close, they tend to use bicycles rather than cars or motorcycles.

Unfortunately, the movement Bike to Work is not supported by adequate infrastructure :L cycling facilities such as adequate, namely the bicycle parking lot, the bathroom facilities are quite common, and the special provided for a bicycle rider on the road in big cities. They were forced to participate jostle with cars and buses that take a lot of places and not comfortable. Moreover, the level of safety for the cyclist is still very poor and often has an accident on the road because the car driver or motorcycle rider is less respect for this bike. Sometimes users are also less equipped bicycle equipment such as helmets, lights front and back, mask, and gloves, so often dangerous life.

Therefore, the movement Bike to Work this can be achieved when government, the office, the public facilities, and communities have committed together :D to provide the infrastructure and cycling routes from home to office with a secure and comfortable. If not, then the positive efforts that have been made this will be many obstacles that are very heavy.

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